What are people saying?

We are grateful for the Gifts, Tips and Thank you’s we receive in every form. Because we are so dependent on referrals and what we do involves deep trust, we are especially grateful when we receive testimonials by video or text that we can share with those just finding us for the first time. Below are reviews and feedback sent into us by our Animal RN family.


Interview with Bob Rink on working with Robyn Kesnow, RVT by phone and email.

1.) When reaching out to Robyn, what were you expecting or hoping for from the conversation?
“An alternative to “Standard” vet care. I wanted to instill a quality of life peace of mind and not end her life prematurely. After all she’d given to me, I felt it was time to advocate on her behalf, without feeling guilty that she was in pain and I needed to know how to do that.”
2.) What did you actually get out of the conversation with Robyn, what benefits came from it?
“That there were alternatives and even though all things die, it’s the quality of the death that matters. They give us so much and we only give them the little time we think we have and when it’s convenient for us.”
3.) We understand the value in face to face conversations, do you feel that you got value out of it even though we couldn’t physically be there?
“Absolutely! Robyn helped confirm the direction I wanted to take and reaffirmed that I wasn’t selfish or crazy for not letting go. Robyn is the bridge between the later person and medical side of it. Her life experience with this made it easier for me to comfortable and informed about my decision.”
We ended the conversation with this beautiful quote from a movie called “Lonesome Dove”, the quote really stuck with Bob and reminded him of animals. ┬áIn this part of the movie, one of the characters had just died and this was on his tombstone:
“Cheerful in all weathers. Never shirked a task. Splendid behavior.”