Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Companion Visits

The ultimate in pet care options for traveling without your pets, Pet Sitting means your pets stay home and we come to them.  Whether you’re headed to the city for an evening on the town or abroad for a month, we’ll keep your fur babies safe and sound in the comfort of their own familiar environment.                                     Explore/Learn more

Medical Services and Consultations

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs) attend hundreds of hours of training and continuing education in areas related to animal hospice, palliative care, pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Animal RN is available for medical consulting services on a variety of topics.                                                  Explore/Learn more

Animal Hospice Consulting and Services

One of the driving values is that no one should ever feel alone with their pet care questions and concerns.  Animal hospice and palliative care services are a fine balance between veterinary medical services and emotional support.  Our team specializes in the super-seniors and the fifth phase of life.  Our relationships with veterinarians is the ultimate network from the medical perspective while our years of service experience with death, dying and family support bring the softer, less scientific side of life.