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June 5, 2017



We’re Hiring

April 12, 2017

Check out our newest opening on Craigslist today:


This part time position works directly with the animals.  Immediate hours available are middays and weekends with more availability as we enter our summer season. This is a great role for a stay at home mom with a little free time (children may not be onsite with you.)  College students interested in the RVT program are also a great fit and may be able to work into a more medically based role with our RVTs and veterinarians.  As most of our time is spent without a veterinarian onsite, hours with Animal RN do not count towards externship hours.  Our best team members may be recommended for veterinary work if they desire it.


Check out our listing on Craigslist for more information and how to apply: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/csr/6085152090.html



In case you didn’t think on your own about how pets and the holiday’s may not always be the best mix – here’s a video with all the fun:

Tips to keep the fur kids healthy this holiday season

The Tree

  1. Use fishing line to secure the tree and prevent tipping
  2. Consider non glass ornaments, especially at eye/ jumping height
  3. Consider ribbon or other non-sharp “hooks” to attached to the tree
  4. Skip the edible decor: popcorn garland, candy canes, etc.
  5. If you have cats, try bunching up foil at the base like a moat – most cats won’t walk on foil
  6. Placing the tree in a corner reduces the angles of temptation and your “battle ground”

The Food

  1. Keep pets away from guests that may not know the dangers of feeding rich foods (i.e. pancreatitis)
  2. Put out special dishes with pet appropriate treats (pre-measured) so your guests can “treat” your pets
  3. Consider sending the dogs out for doggie day care if you’re entertaining a large group
  4. Cover all foods and store behind doors (ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.)


  1. Don’t leave any pets unattended with an open flame.
  2. Consider flameless candles. There are many great options today.
  3. Place candles well out of reach of dogs and cats – beyond jumping height.
  4. Watch the content. What is your candle made of?
  5. Oils and wax burners can also be tempting, use out of reach, with caution.


  1. Watch the danglies.  Many pets love the dangling tassels on decorations. Avoid temptation.
  2. Avoid toxins.  Many potpourri and plants enjoyed for the holidays may be toxic for pets.
  3. Have a pet that chews cords? Consider out of reach battery operated light options.
  4. Let Santa leave all the presents under the tree.  Waiting to put gifts under the tree reduces the policing needed to keep pets safe.
  5. If entertaining guests, store purses and jackets away from pets.  You never know where Granny keeps her meds.

With a little attention to our holiday season with the pets in mind, we can stay happy, healthy and out of the vet! 



Happy Holidays!

and as always, love and kissed to the fur kids from Animal RN


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