I’ve referenced the information in this video at almost every appointment in the last week.  It must be time for a reboot!

Check out my interview with Jodi Z, our nutrition guru.  This is the full, long form interview, so pop in those earbuds and enjoy while you commute, walk, clean or …



For one of our Animal Hospice Solutions, Robyn sat down with our nutrition consultant and Healthy Pet Coach, Jodi Z. This video has become our most referenced and most requested resource for pet parents. You’ll find many ‘Did you knows’ and information for healthy pet wellness as well as some tips for challenges.

If you’d like more information about Jodi including her blog and other articles, check out her website at healthypetcoach.com

References and links from the video

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Individual Brands:

Mineral Mixes / Supplements:

Information Sources:

Dr. Larry Bernstein: www.naturalholistic.com

Here’s a link to the interview on YouTube:

Keep big dogs out of the cat food and litter boxes with this simple trick

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What is an RVT

June 5, 2017



We’re Hiring

April 12, 2017

Check out our newest opening on Craigslist today:


This part time position works directly with the animals.  Immediate hours available are middays and weekends with more availability as we enter our summer season. This is a great role for a stay at home mom with a little free time (children may not be onsite with you.)  College students interested in the RVT program are also a great fit and may be able to work into a more medically based role with our RVTs and veterinarians.  As most of our time is spent without a veterinarian onsite, hours with Animal RN do not count towards externship hours.  Our best team members may be recommended for veterinary work if they desire it.


Check out our listing on Craigslist for more information and how to apply: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/csr/6085152090.html