Our Values

Every service we provide and everything we do, stems from our core values.  Our values drive us in every action we take, every animal we meet.

  • Advocate for animals, pain is not an option.
  • Partner with pet parents, no one has to be alone.
  • Planning, bring education and experience to help create a care plan.
  • Permission, judgement free permission to make the right choices for their family.
  • Communication, commit to clear, honest, forthright communication.
  • Be Present, empower pet parents to be present with their pets.

Our mission is to advocate for animals first and foremost.  Families are looking for support and assurance that their choices in pet care are the right choices for their pets.  Animal RN partners with families bringing their medical training, pain management and animal hospice knowledge and experience to make sure no animal suffers.  The cardinal rule in hospice is absolute comfort care.  If there is pain, there is no further discussion or focus until that pain is addressed.  Pain can be challenging to detect in animals and the signs of pain can vary from one animal to the next.  It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and point pet parents towards appropriate resources to first learn to assess pain and then to get the appropriate veterinary support.

Animal RN is your partner in pet care.  We believe pet parents should be active, educated partners in their pet care, not victimized consumers.  According to the American Pet Products Association, pet care is a $53 billion industry in the US alone in 2012, over $13 billion in veterinary care alone.  We help pet parents buy what they need and want, rather than be sold the product or service of the month.  We also know first hand what it feels like to be alone.  Animal RN becomes the emotional backing pet parents lean on to ward off comments and judgement from others.  When there are confusing diagnostics or expensive, complicated decisions to make, Animal RN offers a safe sounding board to bring clarity and confidence to the decisions your making on your pet’s behalf.,

Our History

Animal RN was founded in 2007 by Robyn Kesnow, a California state licensed veterinary technician (RVT.)  Robyn formed Animal RN to serve veterinary clinics by offering families additional in-home coaching on medication administration and transportation services.  Animal RN families quickly utilized the service in ways never possible with traditional pet sitting or veterinary services.  Word spread quickly in Sonoma County about the new pet care possibilities with Animal RN.

The overwhelming response and need from families for medically skilled pet care quickly grew and veterinarians regularly refer to Animal RN for medical support at home, select in-home diagnostic testing and quality of life assurance in animal hospice.